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While anal sex has become more mainstream and accepted in society, there are still some people who are still apprehensive about the concept. Anal Toys allow you to explore without putting too much pressure on your partner. Many toys have remote control capabilities, making them perfect for dual or solo play. The first few times you try anal play, it's important to keep in mind that it's okay to experience discomfort. The goal is to find the right sensation for your body. If you feel pain, it's simply temporary. If you're new to this, try a smaller anal sex toy. This way, your body will have more time to adjust and learn what you like.

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What Are Anal Sex Toys?

Anal sex toys are a kinky and exciting new style of adult sex toy that’s becoming increasingly popular. They can be used to enhance masturbation, or in partnered sex.

There are many different types of anal sex toys, and they come in all sizes and shapes. Some are simple butt plugs, and others are designed to stimulate the vaginal walls.

Butt plugs are a common type of anal sex toy that men and women enjoy. They help to boost orgasms, as well as stimulating the erogenous zones of the vaginal wall and prostate gland.

Tunnel plugs are another common type of anal sex toy. These are typically made of stainless steel and have a sphere or ball shape at the tip of the insertable end. These tend to lean more toward BDSM and predicament play, but they’re still a good choice for someone who wants a bit of extra stimulation in their sex.

Beads are a more subtle anal sex toy that can be worn for either solo or partnered sex. They feature graduated spheres that are slowly removed from the body during anal penetration to stimulate the clenching sphincter muscles and enhance the climax.

Anal beads are the ultimate beginner anal sex toy. They have a row of graduated plastic or silicone spheres that start small at the base and gradually get bigger, stimulating your anus during masturbation or couples play.

Anal dildos are hot and heavy type of anal play toys that are often designed for hard and fast thrusting with a strong, sexy vibration to add to the pleasure. These are the go-to type of anal sex toy for kinky couples.

What Are Anal Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs are a form of anal stimulation that may increase a person's sexual pleasure. They are similar to a dildo in that they are inserted into the anus but tend to be shorter and have a flanged end to prevent them from falling out of the anus.

Why use butt plugs?
Anal stimulation can offer immense pleasure for many people, whether they have a penis or vagina. They are a fun way to prepare for penetrative sex and can also be used as part of masturbation.

When choosing a butt plug, pick one that is made of body-safe materials like silicone, Pyrex glass, or stainless steel. These are non-porous and can be fully sanitized, meaning bacteria won't grow on them.

Before using a butt plug, lubricate the anus with plenty of water-based or hybrid-style lube. This is because the anus does not self-lubricate, and using a sex toy without lube can be uncomfortable.

How to use a butt plug:
Before you use your butt plug, make sure you are in a relaxed state. This is because penetration can be painful if a person has tense muscles in the anus or rectum, and it is important to relax before beginning anal play.

Once you are relaxed, apply lots of lube to your anus and your butt plug, then slowly insert the plug into your anus. This can be a bit painful at first, but it's normal and should only last for a few minutes.

What Are The Different Types of Anal Dildos?

Anal Dildos
There are many types of anal dildos, but most are designed to offer a full and satisfying experience when thrusting in and out. They are also a great option for introducing a partner to penetrative anal play.

Butt Plug Shaped Dildos
The butt is a very sensitive and sensuous area that is rich in nerve endings. This is why a lot of men want to use butt plug shaped dildos to stimulate the prostate.

Flared Base Dildos
The flared base of an anal dildo is what keeps it from slipping out of your butt when you thrust it in and out. Unlike plugs, which are made to stay in place, flared bases help an anal dildo stay in your butt for longer periods of time.

Aside from being a good idea to keep your butt clean, flared bases are very important for anal stimulation. They’ll help you get into the prostate area, and will provide a good angle for stimulating the G-spot or P-spot.

Special Features
There are a lot of special features on anal dildos that make them a little more fun to use. Some have a suction cup to allow you to thrust them in and out hands-free, while others have vibrations to make anal play feel even more intense.

Non-Porous Silicone Dildos
Anal dildos made from silicone are the most popular type of toy in the market. They’re soft and flexible, and can be used with all types of lubes. They’re also available in dual-density versions, which have a firm inner core and a squishy outer surface that feels like the real thing.

What Are Metal Butt Plugs?

Metal butt plugs are a popular choice among bum lovers who are seeking a high-quality butt toy that will stimulate the anus and provide a feeling of fullness. They are made of durable and body-safe materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum.

The Benefits of Using Metal Butt Plugs
Aside from being a quality anal toy, metal butt plugs are great for temperature play. They are easy to manipulate, which allows you to either warm up your butt or cool it down depending on your needs.

How to Use a Metal Butt Plug
To put in a metal butt plug, you should first lubricate the anus and the toy thoroughly with water-based lube. Then, you should insert the tip slowly into the anus and gently push it in. If you experience any discomfort, pause for a moment.

How to Size a Metal Butt Plug
The heaviness of a metal sex toy makes it easier for the anus muscles to contract around it and provides a more satisfying sensation than toys made of silicone. It also makes the insertion process much less stressful since there is less friction between the skin and the toy.

How to Remove a Metal Butt Plug
Once you’ve finished using your metal butt plug, it’s important to clean it well and keep it safe. This can be done with soap and water or a commercial cleaner.

There are several different styles and sizes of metal butt plugs available to suit every user’s needs. The most important thing is to choose the right one for your body and anus!

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a fun and simple way to experience stimulation during penetrative sex. They are inserted into the anus and removed with different speeds to create a sensation similar to a climax.

When deciding on anal beads, consider their texture and size. Do you want something that is flexible like silicone or rigid like glass?

If you are new to anal play, it is recommended to start with a flexible set of anal beads. This will help you get comfortable with the insertion and removal of anal beads without any pain.

You can also use anal beads with a vibrating toy or vibrating cord to give you extra stimulation during masturbation. This can heighten climaxes and increase pleasure.

Temperature play is another exciting feature of anal beads that can add a lot to your enjoyment! Anal beads made of glass or stainless steel can be gently heated or cooled in warm or cold water before insertion to create thrilling new sensations.

Whether you are using a flexible silicone or rigid glass anal bead, it is always best to wash them with warm soapy water before each use. Silicone is nonporous and can be boiled to sterilize (if there are no electrical parts). However, it is important to note that if the cord is porous, this part of the anal bead may need to be cleaned as well. Then dry the rest of the anal bead completely before storing to avoid any contamination.

What Are Remote Control Anal Toys?

Remote control anal toys are a type of sex toy that can be controlled via a wireless transmitter. They are an exciting new way to enjoy anal play!

They are a great option for those who are looking for a fun and new way to play with their partner. Some are even app-controlled!

How to choose a remote control anal toy
You should look for one that is suitable for your anus size, has enough vibration patterns and speeds to keep you satisfied, and is safe for use. You also want a remote control that's easy to operate.

Material & Cleanability
When it comes to choosing a sex toy, you should always look for Body Safe materials. These should be non-toxic and non-porous. This means that they won't'store' bacteria and other dirt, which can be harmful to you.

Silicone is the best choice because it is soft and skin safe, and doesn't hide dirt and germs. It's also very easy to clean, simply wash with a sex toy cleaner or mild antibacterial soap in warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth.

Vibrating & Recyclable Butt Plugs
Some of the best vibrating butt plugs on the market are all made from silicone. These are soft and feel great, making them an excellent choice for anal stimulation!

What Are Vibrating Anal Toys?

Vibrating anal toys are sex toys designed specifically for use in the anus. They are safer than traditional vibrators and typically come in slimmer sizes, so they are less likely to cause damage to delicate anal tissues. They also have wider bases, so they are more difficult to lose inside the rectum and won't easily go into the vaginal canal.

What Are Anal Toys?
There are many different types of anal toys, including butt plugs and prostate massagers. Some are made for men and some are made for women. They are all shaped differently and have different functions and purposes, but they all serve one purpose: to add some serious fun to anal play.

Butt Plugs
Vibrating butt plugs are smaller than other anal toys, making them ideal for beginners. They can be used alone for solo pleasure, or with a partner.

They also stay in place when inserted, creating a feeling of fullness that helps stimulate the anus. They don't penetrate too deeply and don't require lubrication, so they are perfect for anyone looking to experience butt play without any worry about pain or discomfort.

Prostate Massagers
Most prostate massagers are designed for men, so they offer direct stimulation to the p-spot or male prostate gland and can therefore help to induce deeper orgasms. They're often hand-held or hand-free and are shaped to fit the male body and may feature bumps or textures for extra excitement. They are a popular choice for backdoor play and can make masturbation feel extra special.

What Are Realistic Anal Dildos?

Realistic dildos are a great choice for beginners who are looking to explore anal play. They are smaller than dildos intended for vaginal use but still provide a satisfying anal sensation. These dildos are designed to be easy to handle and safe for private play.

Anal dildos are also useful for training and getting used to anal action before using them with a partner. They are also popular companions during masturbation sessions and fetish play, providing a little extra fun while you’re enjoying yourself alone.

Dildos are often shaped to look like a penis, but if you want to get a more realistic anal toy, choose one with a lifelike shape that mimics your own anus. You may want to consider choosing a dildo that looks like a probe, butt plug or anal vibrator for a more realistic feel.

Dildos can be made from several materials, including silicone and rubber. Silicone is the best choice because it’s durable, comfortable and hygienic. It’s also safe to use and can be boiled to disinfect.

Rubber is a popular material for dildos because it provides a smooth, supple and very realistic sensation. It’s soft and flexible and can be molded into many shapes and sizes.

Skin-safe rubber is another popular option for dildos because it offers the same pleasure without any phthalates. It can be a little more expensive to purchase but is an excellent alternative.

What Are Prostate Vibrators?

Prostate vibrators are a type of anal toy that's designed to stimulate the prostate gland, which is the walnut-sized erogenous zone inside the pelvis behind the penis and between the bladder and rectum. Stimulating this area can feel deeply satisfying, akin to G-spot stimulation for women, and often leads to orgasm for some people.

What are the best prostate massagers?
The best P-spot toys provide a blend of strong vibrations and manual pressure, often from a slim plug that you can thrust. For example, the nJoy Pure Wand is a cult favorite that provides unmatched prostate pressure.

Handheld prostate massagers are another great option for delivering both pressure and vibrations, as well as a wide range of speeds and pulse settings that you can use to change up your play. Most handhelds also come with a remote control or app that makes it easier to have control of your device and adjust its vibrations as needed.

How to play with a prostate vibrator
To enjoy prostate stimulation, you need to lube the anus and sphincter before inserting your anal toy into the rectum. You can use oil or silicone-based lube.

Step 1: lube the anus
Start by lubing the anus with a water-based lube such as Goat's Milk or Vegetarian Lube (both available at vetted sexual wellness retailers). Next, gently insert a finger into the anus up to your first knuckle. Gently feel for a round lump about 4 inches inside the rectum, up toward the root of the penis.
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